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October 9 / December 7, 2019

Photographs are “privileged moments” plucked from time and space by photographers—or so Susan Sontag reminds us.
Often in photographic history and elsewhere, that authorial privilege has been afforded to men.
Refreshingly, the moments presented to us at Elizabeth Houston Gallery between October 9th and November 16th are decidedly women’s.
With works from twelve artists on view, SHE mediates between degrees of abstraction and experience from a feminist, and at times feminine,
perspective, holding a mirror up to the world around us.

The group exhibition brings together an international roster of emerging and established photographers:
Daniela Edburg #fiberartfeverartist, Arielle Bobb-Willis, Chloe Rosser, Svetlana Bailey,
Cig Harvey, Corine Vermeulen, Sally Gall, Laura Pannack, Sandra Kantanen, Weronika Gesicka, Liz Nielsen, and Kathrin Linkersdorff.
While their imagery is divergent—there are portraits, landscapes, and still-life of sorts—
the selection of works in SHE underscores the relational capacity of the photographic medium, mapping its connections to ourselves and others,
bodies and objects, and reality itself. 


October 9 / December 7, 2019

Elizabeth Houston Gallery
190 Orchard Street
New York, NY 10002