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Dedline December 1st.


24, 25 et 26 abril 2020: Seattle erotic art

Artists, Authors, Aerialists, Acrobats, and other performers and creative beings who do not begin with an “A”!
The Call For Art will run from December 1st to January 15th. During this time we will be accepting Visual, Literary, Installation,
and Store art through our portal, which will be open for business on December 1st.

In the Touch Gallery, attendees are invited to experience sensual art via their hands. We provide blindfolds and tours through the gallery, which will be filled with sculptures that feel sensual and erotic (they will also be allowed to look with their eyes). Artwork in the Touch Gallery can be figurative, abstract, explicit, or textured, on pedestals or wall-hanging. If you would like to have your sculpture considered for the Touch Gallery, please indicate so in the notes on your submission.

To submit a short film for selection it must be submitted through the artist portal as an installation

Fees, General Guidelines
Payment of a fee covers all works submitted for a single category, up to the maximum allowed. For example, paying the fee for visual art
allows you to submit up to 5 artworks, and paying the fee for literary art allows you to submit up to 5 literary works.
If you would like to submit to multiple categories, you must pay a fee for each category. Store and Performance submissions do not have a fee.

The fee for submission under visual, installation, or literary is $36.
You may submit up to 5 pieces of artwork for a single fee.
Early bird fee of $18 available December 1 through December 15 in honor of our 18th anniversary.
No fee for performing artists or submission into Store!
No fee to apply if you are an artist living outside of North America.


All informations to sublmit for Seattle Erotic art

To submit: https://submissions.seattleerotic.org/

SEAF, Galerie Erato, 309 1 st Ave South, Seattle, 98104.