Deadline: September 1, 2020

The International Biennial of Miniature Art – Timisoara 2020 – is a multidisciplinary project of cultural education, which primarily aim is to open new
perspectives and opportunities for interaction between artists, students and art lovers.
Being at it’s fourht edition, this event tries to establish bridges between culture and education, facilitating youth access to culture.
Promoting creativity, developing new forms of artistic expression and intercommunity socialization, BIAMT helps to promote cultural diversity
and the changing of mentalities.
This year’s edition proposes the concept of Emotional Interactions as a starting point for artistic debates.

The maximum dimensions admited are: 10x10cm – for dimensional works,
if there is a framing or a passé partout 15×15/15cm.
For three dimensional works the maximum dimensions are: 10x10x10cm,
if there is a pedestal or a base the maximum dimensions are 20x20x20cm

Registration period: June 15, 2020 – September 1, 2020
Jurisdiction: 03 – 09 September 2020
The jury’s decision will be sent by e-mail to the participants between 14 and 18
September 2020
Launch of the exhibition online: October 26, 2020 at

Download the rules: The-International-Biennial-of-Miniature-Art-2020_Rules-of-participation

Deadline September 1, 2020

Organizer: West University of Timisoara – Faculty of Arts and Design, Romania
Oficial languages: romanian and english

For send your pictures:
For further information you can contact the Director of the Biennial of Miniature Arts- conf.univ.dr. Valentina Ștefănescu,