From December 11th to January 11th

The 6th Small Sized Art Works Exhibition is curated by Elham Shafaei, Co-Founder of contemporayidentities.

Guests artists: Alexis Joyce Javero, Beljin Akin, Deniz Bayav, Eri Kato, Fabian Matz, Jakub Ciężki, Jochem Rotteveel, Jordann Wine, Lia De Jonghe,
Lisa Kokin, Mike Newton, Mohammad Khizal Saat, Stephanie Neville, Susana Mulas Lastra, Tetriana Ahmed Fauzi, Uniza Ismail & Uter

In the “small-size works”, we strived to show the essential elements of art and exhibit works whose artistic values were not determined by towering physical presence but were made by the conscious decision of the creator and his explanatory way.

This year and in the sixth exhibition of small-size works exhibition with the theme “The Far, The Near”, we will be going to see more than 230 artworks from 130 international artists. In the times, the world we knew has changed, and we are faced with the notion that maybe a content value is not determined by its grand context.

“The 6th Small Sized Art Works Exhibition is divided into five groups: abstract, nature, still life, figurative and invited artists . In each section, you can see the works of artists separately. To enter each category, just click on the five icon below. This Link or View enter. 

To better view the works, it is recommended to use a notebook and a desktop computer. In mobile and tablet mode, it is better to set the display mode horizontally so that you do not have problems while browsing the works. View this guide. »

Lia de Jonghe's contemporary embroidery

Lia de Jonghe’s embroidery – No title – 2018
19 x 25 cm


From December 11th to January 11th

Exhibition on Line organized By Aria Art Gallery – Téhéran
To see the exhibition it’s here