Deadline: 31 december 2021

The selected works will be presented at both online/virtual and offline/face-to-face exhibitions of the Biennale in October, 2022.

Established and emerging artists representing all art mediums are invited to submit photos of their works with their focus being on the materials used to create the art piece. The exhibit will be presented online initially, and later, selected art pieces will be exhibited in art galleries and museums throughout China, as well as several other galleries in Europe and America.

The idea of ‘Material Art’ is related not only to the general contemporary art term ‘New Materialism’, but also refers to all artwork where ‘matter’ is the primary vehicle of philosophical, political, social, environmental, emotional, and aesthetic expression. To quote one of the professors at Tsinghua University: “Physical form is one of the most important carriers of art, and also the carrier of ideas.”

The brand new concept for the “Material Thinking” exhibit was developed on the occasion of the International Biennial of Art, organized by the Academy of Arts & Design at Tsinghua University. We wanted to showcase innovative works based on the uniqueness and originality of materials used. All works accepted to the exhibit will be inspired not only by an idea or theme, but by the diversity of the material from which they were made. Our primary intention of this exhibit is to re-emphasize the power of ‘matter’ in art – the power of the material being used! Some works may reject constructed forms altogether, and they may reverse or cloud the conventional relationship between medium and representation. In either case, the material (and related technology) becomes the message.

All interested artists should ask themselves the following questions: 
Is the use of varied materials important and necessary for creating your artwork?
 Are you using interesting, unusual, new or found materials, or synthetic fibers, clay, metal, wood, or changing light to create your art?
 Do you consider yourself a contemporary artist?
 Would you like to show your work in prestigious museums and art galleries all over the world?

If you answered “yes” to these questions, please reply to our invitation! There is no application fee if you would like to submit your work. We welcome all artists, both established and emerging, for whom the “Material” is an important part of their artistic message. Please read the following short description of the new philosophical movement, which is the guidance for our exhibit:

National and international artists who wish to submit works for consideration should follow these requirements:
① Two pictures of the work (an overall picture and a detailed picture, both not less than 300dpi)
② Information about the work (title; size; material; technique; creation year; a statement of the work, no less than 300 words.)
③ The artist’s resume (name, age, institution, position, exhibitions, awards, etc., and a head shot)


Deadline: 31 december 2021

This application is for one art project (independent one piece or an installation of several pieces.
Each artist submits at most 5 pictures of one work and one artist photo with the image size during 2M to 5M.
Each artist may submit a maximum of two works. Complete one entry form for each work.

Please submit your works and application form by Email.
All required files should be sent to the registrar’s email: (for Chinese artists) (for international artists)