September 12 – October 2, 2021

OPENING RECEPTION: September 12, 2021
VIP Preview 3pm – 5pm // Opening Reception 5pm – 8pm

OPENING RECEPTION: September 12, 2021
VIP Preview 3pm – 5pm // Opening Reception 5

A Group Show Presented by The Untitled Space
 Curated by Indira Cesarine

 Artwork featured in the “INNOVATE” exhibit explores the narratives of our contemporary culture while addressing prevailing themes of identity, language, cultural heritage, diaspora, the politics of other, quotidian life, the equilibrium between humans and nature, the celestial, the personal, politics, racism, the patriarchy, the environment, the afterlife, creativity, beauty, and balance. The “INNOVATE” exhibit showcases the groundbreaking work being produced by this diverse group of international artists from locations around the world, including France, Poland, Turkey, Japan, China, Ukraine, Lithuania, Switzerland, United Kingdom, Austria, Canada, United States among others. Each one of these artists has persisted in their artistic endeavors  in order to bring into the world something new and inspirational for us to see, hear, and experience

Exhibiting Artists: Alexy Préfontaine, Alisa McRonald, Andreas Wannerstedt, Angela Santana, Arielle Tesoriero, Asher Levine, Ashley Chew, Ashley Zelinskie, Asia Stewart, Cassie Arnold, Cath Orain, Chukes, Claire Luxton, Dance Doyle, Elena Chestnykh, Fahren Feingold, Greta Brat, Giulia Grillo AKA Petite Doll, Indira Cesarine, Isabel Beckenstein AKA The Love Whip, Jacob Hicks, Joanna Grochowska, Jonathan Rosen, Julia Curran, Junyi Liu, Kelly Shami, Kirra Cheers, Laura Kimmel, Leah Schrager, Lindsay Parker, Luigi Honorat, Marlies Plank, Martha Zmpounou, Molly Dario, Roberto Grosso, Shamona Stokes, Synchrodogs, Victoria Selbach, Watson Mere, Yuge Zhou, Zeynep Solakoglu

Broderies érotiques de Cath Orain



September 12 – October 2, 2021

The Untitled Space
45 Lispenard Street, NYC 10013
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