From 16 12 2022 until 14 01 2023
Vernissage 16. 12 .2022

The vernissage on December 16th. is equally exhibition opening, concert, party and happening. Be there when it’s time to get rid of those stockings and into recession fashion! Experience a turbulent evening with obscure guests from all over the world and half-celebrities from art and music.

The group exhibition curated by Fehmi Baumbach and Jim Avignon wants to formulate a healthy distrust of the insane forces of the market and babbles at the conditions with a turbulent mixture of artists, musicians and illustrators of all styles who have arranged to meet for an exhibition happening.

With the artists:
Uta Kreher, Madeline Manning, Marion Roters, Simone Scardovelli, Miriam Tölke, Dave the Chimp, Anni Heuchel, Katharina Grossmann Hensel, Silky, Eva Krusche, DAG, Fehmi Baumbach, Jim Avignon

The Friendly Capitalism Lounge is back!
After a heavily reduced edition in 2020 due to Corona and an online exhibition in 2021, the Friendly Capitalism Lounge is finally back in full effect! Under the title « World In Motion – the world does not come to rest », the friendly capitalism lounge wants to take an artistic look at the messed-up world situation, which can currently only be described as « still in love with a world that destroys itself ».

We just got through the pandemic with a bang, but now fate wants to keep us in check with several crises at the same time: the war, inflation, crazy prices and to top it all off, the climate knows no mercy and just doesn’t want to stop climb. The world is once again on the brink, everyone knows about it and yet we remain in a kind of amazed stock rigidity. Of course, capitalism is to blame for everything, but apparently things aren’t going as well without it, as you can see in the meantime. So it’s high time for a little Friendly Capitalism Lounge. »


Uta Kreher

The title belongs to the system what3words.
« …what3words is a proprietary system for georeferencing locations with an excactitude of three meters. It is also a company of the same name based in London. Geographic coordinates are encoded into three words
For example, the Statue of Liberty is at ///dankt.anlegen.kinosaal. »


From 16 12 2022 until 14 01 2023

Neurotitan Galerie
Rosenthaler Str 39
10178 Berlin (Mitte)