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Karola Pezzaro

Karola Pezzaro

Works and lives at The Hague



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Some where else – CBK Emmen – De Fabriek – Emmen – NL

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OUTDOOR IN SITU INSTALLATIONS By Azunko (Karola Pezarro & Aris de Bakker)

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Take a moment – Honored as ‘Favorite of the public’ – ‘L’oeuvre coup de coeur du public’
Art-Nature en Sancy 2018 – Massif du Sancy (54) – FR

Des Artistes en Campagne – « Où se trouve le petit chaperon rouge? » – Honored with the ‘Prix Land Art’ –  Savins (77) – FR



Absence of where you are – Curator and text publication: Ingrid van Santen – Kadmium – Delft – NL

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Between time – Karola Pezarro, part 26 in the Haags Palet serie – A richly illustrated monograph about artist Karola Pezarro with an introduction by Sandra Spijkerman –  ISBN 978-90-70003-27-2.

My work is based on a strong sense of wonder about the fragility of life, about how the human mind works, how you remember, how your thoughts fan out. In my artworks I ask questions about what you carry with you visibly or invisibly. I examine these questions in embroidery drawings, I represent them in carriers with light-hearted luggage and in video sculptures.

In 2014, I founded together with Aris de Bakker the collective Akunzo. The body of work of Akunzo consists of ephemeral, site-specific projects. Each project has a strong commitment to the site and the environment as a whole. Projects are a reflection on a site or the history of a place, and often deal with concerns about the future of the planet. Akunzo works right on the site and often uses natural materials from the vicinity such as branches or earth. Sometimes unnatural elements related to the subject of the work are added. The combination of place and artwork is meaningful for Akunzo. They reinforce each other and together they form the project. That connection between site and what is made on the site, that’s what it’s all about. The observer experiences the project as a whole, possibly generating a new view, a new meaning or awareness.

As much as Karola Pezarro gives expression to personal experiences and impressions in her spatial compositions and structures, so she explores who she is, what she goes through and has gone through in her plaster figures wrapped in tissue.

One element that binds her work together is the rounded egg shape. It symbolises the caring shell embracing a vulnerability that is developing or has already reached maturity. At the same time, the ovals create an almost resistant shell around the tangle of memories, thoughts, dreams and associations that make the internal worlds so complex.

The same strata of meanings are also expressed in her figures. No matter how coarsely they rise from the earth, they always have something fragile about them. They emerge from the interplay of intuition and rationality. The shape that the figures take determines the choice of materials to be used, the thickness of the threads and the form that they present themselves. A bent figure whose head is connected to a trunk that rises from the earth and which is encased in a diaphanous cape, is stilled in the cycle from the start to the end of life, and everything in between. In another figure, the clasps that keep her bound recall that every individual, alone and frail in the universe, is inextricably bound with her own destiny and circumstances.

Actions during the process of creation are almost rituals that lead to a different figure each time. The freedom that Pezarro feels to work from her intuition guides her in directions where the shroud is always intended to protect that which her figures express while at the same time, hide.

Micha Ouwendijk