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Fiber Art Fever! becomes the international directory of all professionals in contemporary fiber art

The platform will present contemporary fiber artists: soft sculpture, contemporary embroidery, thread drawing, needle painting; curators specialising in contemporary textiles, speakers and art critics passionate about textile fibre in art and also some textile museums, galleries of contemporary textile art, biennials and festivals of contemporary textile art, as well as information on exhibitions of contemporary fiber art.

The plateform
in detail

The benefits of joining Fiber Art Fever!

Taking advantage of a website, where all the professionals of the fiber in contemporary art, are gathered

Getting visibility at national and international level

Taking advantage of Fiber Art Fever ! international network, and each other’s network

Facilitating searches of event organizers and thus benefit from this platform

Promoting your art work and announcing your events and exhibitions at a local, regional and international level

Brief overview

Members will be placed in 3 groups:

  • Artists from all kinds of fields
  • Exhibitions spaces: Museums and galleries, festivals/ biennial/triennial
  • Contributors: Curators, Speakers, Art Critics and Workshops

All of them will be chosen upon selection and on conditions. See below in the conditions of membership and special conditions.


NB: these site is a presentation of the future platform, which is scheduled to be launched before September 2019




Search Indexes

  • By type : Artists, Commissioners, Museums and so on
  • By location : Continents, countries, regions
  • By area of specialty: themes and specificities
  • By disciplines and techniques
  • By materials and colours



  • Organized by countries and dates
  • Individual and collective exhibitions in any media or focused on thread
  • Events, residencies, workshops
  • Calls for applications


The Platform will be trilingual

Members will be guided in the platform tags in order to get as much automatically pretranslated information as possible For all standard and explanatory texts, translations in the two additional languages will be at the expense of members.
It is possible to use these websites : and
Those are introduction sentences, texts (that could be shorter in foreign languages), news (out of timelines, timetables, and locations) together with all narrative texts (descriptions of artworks or exhibitions views), without technical datasheets.
If some texts haven’t been translated, they will be displayed in the posted language.





The news

Posted by members, they will be visible on their own page, then gathered under the general news by type and location.
They will be filtered beforehand by the administrator in order to:

  • Avoid duplication if, for example, several artists from the platform participate in the same event
  • Guarantee the quality of the events proposed
  • Check the « textile » character of the news

Then, a selection of these news will be published on our social networks.



An internal forum will be available for members to communicate with each other.

How to join ?

Memberships are upon selection (see below definition of textile art and special conditions)

The applications are individual. Therefore, there won’t be any Artists’ Organisations, nor Collectives. If they wish it, Artists who belong to an Organisation will specify it in their resume together with a related link.

We don’t integrate fine Arts and handicrafts : jewellery, decorative objects, accessories, clothing, and so on…


If you are an artist
Fill out the membership form.
Your request will be considered based on your work as a whole, using your website.
If you do not have a website, you can send a PDF document with a dozen of recent photos, technics notes and a short statement of your work.
You will receive an answer within 2 or 3 weeks.
Once your registration has been validated and your payment made, we will present you in a dedicated album on our Facebook page and on our Instagram account.
When the final platform is set up, you can integrate it immediately.
Your membership will be valid for 13 months from the date of publication of the platform, if you register and pay your membership in full before June 23, 2019.
Don’t wait until the last moment!
After June 23, 2019 your registration will be at the normal rate and valid for 12 months from the date of your online registration

If you are a contributor or if you represent an exhibition space
You can register and pay your membership fee now, and benefit from the promotional rate until June 23rd.
You can fill in the registration form.
You will receive a confirmation email then you will be able to pay the fee before June 23rd.
Your registration will be effective when the final platform will soon be released.

Special conditions / artists

Group 1 : Artists

  • These are Artists who work, in an exclusive manner, with textile fiber or related technics in a contemporary approach
  • They regularly work in a personal and original manner and create artwork on a regular basis
  • They might be just beginners without a resume but have already developed a a certain production of art pieces and an original style
  • Their link can be found on our site
  • They follow us on social networks

They can ask for a grant (equivalent to half the fee), especially those living in emerging countries.

Artists who are also speakers, commissioners, or offer workshops (see Speakers section), pay the same membership fee in the same way that exhibition spaces in order to be listed in these various fields.
Therefore they can access two categories: the Artist category and he Contributor category.

If they don’t wish to increase their membership fee, they must simply specify it in their resume but won’t be listed as such in the search engine.

Each artist will be shown in a picture of his/her choice. The homepage will display a mosaic of randomly chosen pictures of all the artists, in a constantly changing sequence, at regular intervals.
For instance, here is an example belonging to former students of Beaux-arts school in Brittany:


Their site will have :

Short introduction, contact languages and the selected tags (Fields, Technics, Materials, and Topics)

A mini-site organized by tabs :

  • Artworks (displayed by type: 2 D, 3 D and by series)
  • Installations
  • Video Performances
  • CV
  • Texts (biographies and texts on the approach)
  • Contact
  • Press
  • News
  • PDF to download

A datasheet will be displayed below each picture.

Title, Year, Technics (proposed lists), materials (proposed lists) and thematics (proposed lists). These lists will be translated automatically.

Special conditions / Exhibition spaces

Group 2 : Exhibition spaces
Museums, galleries, festivals, biennials and triennials



  • They are dedicated to textile.
  • They present their space, their specificity, past, current and future exhibitions as well as their events: conferences, workshops, etc…
  • They have the opportunity to diffuse calls for applications if they wish


Their site will feature :

Short Introduction

The following tabs :

  • Exhibitions (past, present and future)
  • Events
  • Workshops
  • Press
  • News (exhibitions and events)
  • Contact




  • They can be entirely dedicated to textiles or represent one or two artists working with textiles or fiber techniques.
  • These will then be listed in the « artists » section with the contact of the gallery.
  • They introduce their gallery, their philosophy and their exhibitions (past, present and future).


Their site will feature the following tabs :

  • Introduction (texts, photos)
  • Artist 1
  • Artist 2
  • Past, present and future exhibitions
  • Press
  • News (exhibitions and events)
  • Contact




  • They participate, if registration to their event is free (entry to the competition, free of charge) and if the promotion of the artists who participate in their event is effective (diffusion of photos before or during the event with the artist’s name).
  • They introduce their past editions, the programme of their present or future editions and publish their calls for applications.


Their site will feature the following tabs :

  • Presentation (texts and photos)
  • Past, present and future editions
  • News (edition and events)
  • Calls for applications
  • Contact

Special conditions / Contributors

Group 3 : Contributors
Commissioners, art critics, speakers, workshop


Contributors can be curators, art critics and lecturers at the same time. They will have to enter information for each role.



  • They are specialized in contemporary textiles in a non-exclusive way.
  • They introduce their work through a statement, examples of past exhibitions and their current projects.
  • They also provide texts, resume and proposals if they wish.


Their site will feature :

Short introduction, languages and potential expertise

The following tabs :

  • Texts & bio
  • Exhibitions: past, present and future (or projects)
  • Resume
  • Contacts
  • Press
  • News
  • PDF to download




  • They are specialized in contemporary textiles in a non-exclusive way.
  • They offer a summary of the lectures they have already given or some written texts as examples. They also present texts, resumes and proposals if they wish.
  • They point out their favorite topics.


Their site will feature :

Short introduction, languages and various interests: proposed list + others

The following tabs :

  • Bio
  • Texts
  • Cv
  • Project and topics
  • Contacts




Same as for art critics




The workshops will be in the news section if they are part of the announcements, this section is particularly relevant for artists or contributors who want to make proposals for thematic, participatory or technical learning workshops.

Workshop proposals will be displayed with an indication of duration, type of audience and skills required.


Their site will feature the following tabs :

  • Short introduction
  • Workshops already carried out and workshop proposals
  • Contact
  • News (workshops to come)
  • PDF to download

What do we consider as textile art?

By textile art we mean the use in art of flexible materials such as:
thread, textile fibre, flexible plastics, hair, rubber, flexible metal thread, vegetable fiber, etc…
We do not include crafts, design and decorative arts.
By craft and decorative arts, we mean all creations with an utilitarian or decorative purpose, for the body or the home: jewellery, lamps, clothing, etc…

We will consider :

  • Thread drawing and needle painting, either hand or machine embroidery or assisted by computer
  • Tapestry
  • Soft sculpture or any type of volume
  • Photography when the photographed object is « textile » manufactured
  • Installations with textile material or thread
  • Videos and performances when thread or similar is an important part of it
  • Needle work (hand or machine) or with textile techniques such as knitting, crochet, lace, interlacing, knotting.…

We stay attentive to other art forms as long as the thread or the textile techniques are very present in the final work.
Artists who join the collective may work with other materials but the use of the above-mentioned materials or techniques related to them must be predominant in their artistic research.
The artist’s work must be original, personal and in the trend of contemporary art.


The price list is available here.

  • Membership is valid for 12 months, from the moment the membership is online
  • Payments can be made via bank transfer on request of the rib or via paypal account
  • Artists and contributors can pay their membership in one or two accounts (soon we will be abble to receive monthly payments)
  • Artists can apply for a 50% scholarship, this must be settled in one or two payments

What is the difference between this website and the future platform?

This website is a presentation site of the future complete platform. It is managed by ourselves and not by the members. It presents only the profiles of the first registered artists as well as some basic filters.

This site will only display the news of the association Fiber Art Fever!

On the future platform :

  • Members will benefit from a personal mini site entirely managed by themselves.
  • The platform will be available in 3 languages (instead of 2 for now)
  • Artists will be represented, but also exhibition spaces and contributors.
  • Many search filters will be added
  • On the future platform the news of every members will be displayed by various search filters, especially by localities.

How could I manage and update my profile?

On the future platform, each member will have a mini-site, containing a range of options according to his profile type (artist, exhibition venue or speaker).

Following the acceptance of his file, the member will be able to connect to his private space with his login and password. Then, he will have the freedom to configure his mini-site according to his needs, and to update it as often as he wishes.

The member can choose his preferred language (French, English or Spanish). Most of the fields on the future platform will be semi-automated, which will allow them to be automatically translated into the 3 available languages.
The other free text fields will appear in the language that the member has written (translation will then be optional, and at everyone’s discretion).

The member will be able to add his visuals, reframe them and organize them according to his needs. In order to facilitate the use of the tool, a very detailed and visual FAQ will be available to members. Advice will also be provided to maximize the visibility and impact of each profile.

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