Anastasiia Podervianska 

Anastasiia Podervianska

Born in 1978 in Kyiv, Ukraine. The artist lives and works in Kyiv.
Participating in International exhibitions since 1992
Member of the Artist’s Union of Ukraine since 2002.


Acqua Alta – White World gallery – Kyiv – Ukraine

Art Show with Art Coats in Ornament Art Space Gallery – Kyiv- Ukraine
Atlas of Human Anatomy – Voloshyn Gallery – Kyiv – Ukraine
Documento Esse – Korsak Museum of  Ukrainian Contemporary Art –Lutsk -Ukraine

High Textile -The Ukrainian Institute of America – New York – USA
High Textile – Museum of Kyiv history – Kyiv – Ukraine
City Adventures – Triptych Art Gallery – Kyiv -Ukraine

Mediterranean Ukraine –  Educatorium Gallery – Kyiv, Ukraine
Pavlik Morozov – 6 years later – HudGraph Gallery, Kyiv, Ukraine
Coat Portrait –  Anastasiia Podervianska & Lili Bratus – White World Gallery – Kyiv – Ukraine
Country-Horor II –  N-T Art Gallery – Odessa – Ukraine

Doll, mirror, hat – Parsuna Gallery – Kyiv – Ukraine
Country Horror – Dymchuk Gallery – Kyiv – Ukraine

Dream of Butterfly HETEROCERA – Kalita Art Club Gallery – Kyiv – Ukraine

Macedoine – J. Greter art centre – Kyiv -Ukraine

Bird milk – Kalita Art Club Gallery – Kyiv – Ukraine

 Candied Time – Bobo Cafe, Antresol Café – Kyiv – Ukraine

The Garden of Wanderer Widow -Triptych Gallery – Kyiv – Ukraine

Cities and Desires – Triptych Gallery – Kyiv – Ukraine


Dallas Art Fair Online – Voloshyn Gallery – USA

Alchemy of motivation – Modern Art Research Institute of the National Academy of Arts of Ukraine – Kyiv – Ukraine
Gesso miniatures – White World Gallery- Kyiv – Ukraine
Kultur-Natur – Korsak Museum of Contemporary Ukrainian Art , Lutsk, Ukraine
8th WTA  World Textile Art Bienal – Madrid – Spain
Intro – Korsak Museum of  Ukrainian Contemporary Art, Lutsk, Ukraine
VIII Ukrainian Triennale of Painting, Artist’s Union of Ukraine, Kyiv, Ukraine
Verona Tessile 2019 – Plazzo della Gran Guardia, Verona, Italy
Intro – Ilko Gallery – Uzhorod – Ukraine
1st Gesso Biennial in Ukraine – WhiteWorld gallery – Kyiv – Ukraine

2nd Theater Stage Design  Biennial in Tbilisi – Georgia – Tbilisi
Viennacontemporary Art Fair 2018 – Voloshyn Gallery – Vienna – Austria
Volta Art Fair 2018 – Voloshyn Gallery – Basel – Switzerland 
The 6 th International Textile triennial «Identity» – Riga – Latvia
Kyiv Art Week – Toronto center – Kyiv – Ukraine
NUDE. Painting, Graphic, Sculpture – Ducat Gallery, Kyiv, Ukraine
IFashion – Art – Museum of Kyiv history – Kyiv – Ukraine

Scope Miami Beach 2017 Art Fair – Voloshyn Gallery – Miami Beach – Florida – USA
Marry me! – Museum of Kyiv History – Kyiv -Ukraine
New Icon – Anastasiia Podervianska & Tatiana Rusetska – Voloshyn Gallery – Kyiv -Ukraine
V Silent Auction – Ducat Gallery – Kyiv – Ukraine
Antroposphere – WhiteWorld Gallery – Kyiv – Ukraine
Ukraine – Japan. Dialogue – Educatorium Gallery – Kyiv – Ukraine
Artists Childhood – Mysteckyi Arsenal – Kyiv – Ukraine

Velykyii Pereviz – Velykyii Pereviz – Ukraine
Theatrical Triennial dedicated to 100th anniversary of D. Lider– National Museum of Russian Art – Kyiv – Ukraine
Festival of paper puppet theaters – Grant from Goethe Institut – Scenographer of paper puppet theater “Imagination Format Studio”, Performance based on opera “Mermaid’s Easter – by M. Leontovich, Mering – Germany
V Ukrainian Textile Triennial – Kyiv – Ukraine
Botanic – Lavra Gallery – Kyiv – Ukraine
Chocolate seasons – Chocolate House – Kyiv – Ukraine

Art. Design. Photography – Curator M. Shcherbenko – Bottega Gallery – Kyiv- Ukraine

International Art Colony – Kavadarci, Macedonia

Pavlovfest – Group “P’jatka” – Street art -Pavlov Psychiatric Hospital – Kyiv – Ukraine
Space Odyssey – Mysteckyi Arsenal – Kyiv – Ukraine

P’jatka – Group “P’jatka” – Modern Fine Art Museum of Ukraine – Kyiv -Ukraine
Flies – Modern Art Research Institute , Kyiv, Ukraine
Navkolo – Group “P’jatka”, Lavra Gallery, Kyiv, Ukraine
Fish Day –  Irena Gallery – Kyiv – Ukraine

Moscow International Art Salon CHA 2009 – Once the Dreams of My Childhood – Moscow -Russia
Fish Day – Irena Gallery – Kyiv – Ukraine

World of Levkas – Odessa – Ukraine


Korsak Mueum of Ukrainian Contemporary Art
Modern Fine Art Museum of Ukraine, Kyiv, Ukraine
Museum of Kyiv history, Kyiv, Ukraine
private collections in Ukraine, Germany, Poland, USA, Macedonia

2019 – Third Prize on 8th WTA World Textile Art Bienal, Madrid
2016 – Prizewinner of V Ukrainian Textile Triennial

1996 – 2002   National Academy of Fine Arts and Architecture. Department of   
Mural Painting. Academician M. Storozhenko`s workshop – Kyiv – Ukraine
1990 – 1996   Kyiv Art School named after T. Shevchenko – Kyiv -Ukraine

I graduated from State School of Arts and National Academy of Art and Architecture in Kyiv and got the Diploma of  Mural Painter. I have been working in textiles just for five years. I think I was interested in textile when I worked with my father on his performances in the theater as a costume designer a few years ago.

I seek to undermine the stereotype of textiles as a decorative and applied medium for women’s handiwork by using it as a medium for contemporary art. I create sophisticated and multilayered visuals by combining various techniques. Instead of creating complex traditional perspectival elements, I layer flat ephemeral material with slow stitching within the composition that dynamically animates the viewer’s engagement.

 My textile panels are stitched together from patches of embroidered towels and hand-stitched lacework handkerchiefs. Works contain elements of collages, brocade insets, and more.

I think work with textiles is very multifaceted, always unpredictable. The textile constantly opens up new opportunities for creativity. I try to create new series that aren’t similar to the previous ones.